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 From everyone at First Moncton, WELCOME TO CANADA!

We know that moving to a new country can be overwhelming and filled with new challenges while you adjust to everything unfamiliar and different from what you know. Becoming familiar with your new surroundings, finding your way around, and connecting with people in your new community can seem intimidating.

We’d love to help you with all those adjustments.

Some Resources to help you 

Here are some resource links from Immigration Canada and the New Brunswick government to help with some of the larger questions of immigrating or starting s new life in Canada.

First Moncton’s International Connection Opportunities

Please visit our “Internationals at First” link below for more information about First Moncton’s international community focus and opportunities.

 Contact us for help and support

Let us know if we can help! Or, simply contact us to find out more about the community at First Moncton.

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