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What is “The Just Movement”? 

“The Just Movement” isn’t a program. It is isn’t an event. And it’s not a one time “did and done” thing. “The Just Movement” is about those little, small, intentional, and consistent steps we can and need to take in our Christian journey. Small steps that can end up with big results in our lives and in the lives of others.

If each of us were to take a small step of faith once a day, once a week, even once a month, then the movement of God through us, through our church, our city, and through our world will become stronger.

Watch the video below and continue reading for a little bit more info about First Moncton’s “Just Movement.”


Part of our life of faith is a call to engage people. Let’s admit it, for some of us, thinking about engaging others with faith talk is not easy. It just doesn’t feel comfortable or natural. Well, how about just simply inviting someone to an event, a gathering, or just a simple get-together that is part of the community at First Moncton. Just bring someone to a Sunday morning worship gathering? “Just bring someone” to one of our special events. “Just bring someone” to youth group. “Just bring someone” to one of our breakfasts or lunches.

The challenge is to make it more than an invite. Drive someone here. Meet them somewhere else before coming. Do breakfast together before the event. Do lunch together. Do supper together. Make that part of bringing someone.

Take a small step of chance and watch for the big results.


Faith is not static. If it becomes static then it doesn’t grow. Faith is actually active. It grows when we are active in it. “Just Do Something” challenges us to get active in our faith. What does that mean? Well, it could mean something different for each of us.

“Just Do Something” by doing one of our Spiritual Growth Options. “Just Do Something” by committing to pray once a day. “Just Do Something” by reading a Scripture verse every day. Not to mention, “Just Do Something” by becoming part of one of our ministry teams. What does that include? Well, all sorts of things: Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, any of our music ministry opportunities, our Connection Team, and so on. Look for those opportunities that suit you and get active. Don’t just challenge yourself but challenges us with something to do.

The challenge is to get active instead of sitting on the sidelines of your faith growth


Okay, we all definitely end up in a lot of “somewhere” places. Work. Home. School. And so on. Another challenge in living a life of faith is to carry that faith into those somewhere places. But if we are tuned up and attentive, there will always be small, and even big opportunities to be a person of faith in a non-faith world.

So, what does that mean? Well, sometimes sharing Christ simply means being there for someone. Yup, simply being a friend. Sometimes it’s in those small interactions. Instead of complaining, we can be a person of Christ to uplift. Instead of getting frustrated because you expected better service, well, be understanding. It’s those type of interactions where Christ in us needs to shine better.

It also means being a little more intentional to be involved in something outside church life or being involved with people who, well, simply don’t share you viewpoint or even know about a life of faith.

“Just Be Somewhere” also means that we all have gifts and abilities which can be used by God. Yes, some of those gifts can be used in the church but the challenge is to use those gifts more effectively for God outside the church. Actually, it doesn't mean you are outside the church, it means you are being the church in the world.

The challenge is to take a small step and be the church in the world.

The Just Movement Adjusted Nov 6.png

“Be doers of the word and not hearers only…”

James 1:22